May 8, 2009

Cone thugs.


The day has not been to shabby. Although, there have been a few diversions...

After waking up to my more than unusual sleep patters (alarm set for 8:33, two 5 minute snooze sessions and then I flip the tv on at 8:43--then I lay there) Quite the action was happenin on radar. Good amounts of radar indicated rotation and strong winds. Intense storms! I love red on the radar. Matthew always thinks it's horrible when I hear about a big meteorological disaster somewhere and get excited. IT IS EXCITING!..and I can't necessarily feel bad for the people all right through tornado alley unless they absolutely have to be there. This was in MO

After I caught the weather news, I snagged a few moments of Essence of Emerilproceeded to eat breakfast, and got ready for skating which never really ended up happening because there was no public skate (so glad I drove there to find that out.) I figured this was a sign that I forsure needed a breakI went to my gym and just did a few weights.  I also got a good walk in. That will suffice. Although, I would have loved to have kicked skating's ass today after how bad yesterday went.

I had a lovely little lunch of pineapple, strawberry, and a homemade baguette. I made a shy attempt at eating my salad but I went for the goods. We have the coolest little tool for pineapple. I have to recommend it. It works so well! Matthew got my mom a Williams-Sonoma gift card and she bought this little thing and everytime she uses it she feels the need to show everyone around her how it works. ha ha. I have been CRAVING Red Mango all day, even though we went twice last week and last night. I have discovered a new favorite topping! MOCHI! I must get it again soon!

I love drinking the juice out of the pineapple

I just saw Caitlyn for the first time in ages! She called me out of the blue and thank goodness we were able to get a lil bit of catch up time in. We have good talks so I'm glad I was able to see her. I am excited to see where else the night leads. I think Matthew and I will head up to Seven Bridges tonight to see the competition. Dinner is still a mystery! --it makes it that much harder to dress! ;) YAY! my tastebuds are so excited.

I am anticipating mothers day. My mom really wants me to make her this dish I put together. She doesn't want me to get her anything (of course) but I shall atleast get her a great bouquet from Trader Joes. I love fresh flowers that don't require the packet of powder food. They are at the summerhouse for the weekend. Too bad I open tomorrow. I hate when I have a good Friday night planned that is ruined by an Saturday morning open. Rats.

AW, I hear the ice cream truck. I always used to get the Mickey Mouse ears! So cute. Those were the days. Enjoy your night, wherever you may be spending it!

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Dr. Gina said...

Loved the pineapple corer/slicer from Williams Sonona's. I'll have to stop in and get on one when I treat myself to a special chocolate treat. Maybe on Monday when I have a birthday lunch planned in Naperville for Isabelle. She loves chocolate!!
Sorry to hear your skating lesson was not what you had hoped for. Your a terrific skater and I know you are grateful for what you have. You have it all, kid.
We are on our way out the door to meet friends for dinner at Topo's.
Hope to see you next week, I have a Time Out chicago magazine for you. I think you will enjoy reading it for the great restaurants and events. God Bless.