May 7, 2009

Hello. My name today is: Letdown.

Today wasn't one for the good days. Two songs that simply sum up the former part of the day (simply because the latter has not happened yet) include Videotape (a for sure favourite, Radiohead of course) and this lovely sia song. Check them both out.

"Mephistopheles is just beneath...and he's reaching up, to grab me"

After much anticipation towards my figure skating lesson today it turned out to be nothing I hoped for--I psych myself out. I disdain how hard I work and seem to receive a lack of results. It is so disappointing. I should be much further ahead than I am. I admit that I have mustered a stronger understanding for the sport (fell in love with it) and devloped certain skills/"fine tuned", but it's nothing that I want. I want harder elements, I want to dedicate more time and more time dedicated to me. I wish I had more time and more money to put towards it. But let's be real here, it's damn expensive. I wish what nourished me didn't destroy me, but it does. It's just like Weather (I love it, but it's hard for me to conceptualize sometimes--just as skating). Something I love so much can have the absolute ability to hurt me beyond belief--even if it's only temporary. I get REAL upset if I don't get something that I feel that I should understand, I feel inept and useless. It kills me. Especially when I really think I should be more advanced. I always listen. I always want to do better. The body is a funny thing and it's hard making it do things it doesn't want to do.

So--saw Wolverine with Matthew last night and I will have to say that I enjoyed it. I have not, however, seen any of the other Xmen movies or hardly know what the story is about ( I do). The effects were great. It just makes me wish I could turn into a slab of diamonds or have steel claws go in and out of my hands. Wow--now that I just re-watched the trailer, I got excited all over again. I would just see it for the effects and to covet the mutants abilities. 

I was tastespotting this morning, as usual! I already found some great recipes that will have to try making soon!
2) Sweet potato fries!
3) Delicious for summertime
4) This scrumptious little pizza number.

I found a new hilarious commercial. I don't watch too much TV. When I do it's Food Network, Weather channel, or Easy Listening. I still have to watch commercials because I'm one of the people that does not have TiVo! Not one TV in this house has it and that shocks me. Ha ha. Here is the commercial. I wish that was my job. 

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my parents, family friends, and Matthew. I'm excited. We've been trying to plan a dinner with them forever! They've only really met Matthew in passing so it will be a good time. I will enjoy the blend of personalities there.It will cheer me up--so I hope. The clouds were all sorts of amazing today. I loved them. I love when there is a huge variety of clouds. I wish I could have snapped a few pictures. I wish I had my phone. I couldn't take any! But take my word..these were some quite the handsome cumulus clouds!

Now I shall dream of when the skating days were better.

video = layback, backscratch, forward scratch.

I hope you all have a terrific night. I really do. I'm sorry for being so mopey. It's hard for me to just "turn a frown upside down". Whatever. Such is life. Get a goodnights sleep tonight.

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