May 6, 2009

this is one for the good days...

So, as it appears I do not have much time to post. Matthew is expected at 8:15 (fifteen minutes from now) which is when we will eat haagen dazs ice cream together :) BOY AM I EXCITED!

Today was a good time. Skating went well, I gave a lesson and that was fun, but I GET A LESSON TOMORROW! yay! I am so excited. I feel like I really take away so much from each lesson. When I was younger I don't remember it being like that. It just depends how much you put in and are willing to take away. It's working out well. Matthew and I had a fabulous lunch, as always, at Butterfields. I got the Nova Lox. But I always (at most places) give the waitress two options and then it's up to her from there. I can never choose. Two things I will always choose is the Foccacia bread at Avec and the Gnocci at Spiagga. My god, the blend of the ingredients in both dishes makes them absolutely mouthwatering. Another great city hit would be RL; Ralph Lauren, which would be located next to none other than Ralph Lauren's clothing store. What I really love about RL is their mahagony ceiling. I love good decor in a restaurant and it makes all the difference. Check all three places out when you get the chance, make sure you save a little cash--but it's worth it. It's odd to me that even though the economy is in such a slump, the restaurants are still packed. Go figure. I go where the good food is.

Went on a walk today with my mom and my dog at Knock Knolls park. I love a good stroll there. Normally Danielle and I take long walks through there so it was nice to take my mom on a trail she has never been on before. There were these beautiful purple flowers everywhere! They made the air smell perfect! Walking is one of the best things you can do. I understand the allergy ridden people. They sometimes get the best of me, I'm just thankful mine are very mild--for now! ha ha.

Matthew and I are seeing Wolverine tonight. I have no idea how it will be but whatever, visual stimulation is good. It should hold my interest. 

Au Revoir!

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