May 28, 2009

"Beagles and Labs!" ;)

Why, 12:03 just struck, looks like Thursday. That means skating lesson and work. Meredith comes home tomorrow, so I hope we can hang out afterwards. Everytime she's been home lately I have not been able to see her! I'm excited.

Back to today. My dad turned 60! How exciting. Wow what a day. I would have been leaving for Malta today too. It's so sad to think about. Matthew and I were discussing how I shouldn't be sad because next time will be different and it being different will be good. The thing is, is that the experience I had last time was so new and refreshing. There are few things people would actually want to go through again. I would LOVE to relive it again. So to me it is sad regaurdless of me being able to back. I would be in great shape knowing I'd have the same kind of experience. I was in awe for mostly all of the trip. I was so good natured and I loved everything and I loved encountering new land and people. Each day was a new excitement and lesson. I'm so thankful for that experience. Wow, look at my goin on about Malta (what else is new?) So my parents met up my grandparents at 11:30 for Clara's and I headed my seperate way to skating. I'm so glad that I went today. Meagan and I pretty much had the ice to ourselves. It was clean ice too! I cannot even believe it. We didn't think we were at Seven Bridges anymore! ha ha ha. I really love working on spins, but they take a lot out of me. I can do a lot of jumps over and over, but it's hard because your body eventually gets tired of whatever it's doing. You have to pace yourself and be accurate on the ones you try to perform. Tricky Ricky!

I met Matthew up for lunch (Butterfields of course)--2 days in a row! After that I picked up the two cookie baskets my mom ordered. I made both of them, so that was neat. We got my dad a basket of gourmet cookies and then got him a dog cookie that resembled my dog, the piping was even made to look like fur. It was fun to do :) I ended up running into Danielle (she was walking) and I scooped her up and we took a quick walk and played some frisbee. I ended up getting curious about making my own shampoo/rinse. I have a tendancy to get into some weird kicks with food and oraganics and body stuff. So about a year ago I was really into organic hair prods but the fad diminished when it was just too much damn money. So I came accross a blog that gave directions on how to make super easy hair wash. It sounds crazy just using water and baking soda, but it really absorbs moisture without stripping your hair of it's natural oils that it needs. The rince is simply apple cider vinegar with water. It's just a basic ratio of 1 tablespoon to one cup of warm water (in their own seperate containers!). Read about it on that site for more information. But it REALLY works. My hair is soft and was super easy to brush after. You would think lathering water and baking soda would get it tangled, but after you rinse it out with water and apply your actual ACV rinse it makes it soft and brushable right out of the shower. How nice! After Danielle left and I washed my hair and all that Matt came and picked me up and headed out to a property he needed to analyze, went to the mall (H&M), and Hobby Lobby. I had to get more beads and wire for barrettes that I've been crankin out like a mad woman. I love them :)

Dessert was at my house after all that and My brother (John), sister in law (Clarissa), and Matthew went out to dinner and chilled at their place for a bit. We watched some South Park and ended up ducking out at 11:15. A good day/night overall. We shall see what tomororw holds!

Bonne Nuit!


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