May 29, 2009

Last year I'd be in Malta :(

Ay yay yay and more yays!

Today was a long day that I did not quite anticipate, but I am not disappointed persay... HA HA (I'm reminded of the South Park episode with the vampires vs goth.) I think that everytime I say "persay" I'm going to hate myself for it afterwards. Oh well!

I decided a few things today. I decided to work my ass off in skating today. I had a great lesson and I loved it. I want to improve and I need it to start showing. I need to just absorb everything in a lesson and apply it. I need to start picking up the pace technically. I just need lessons and more of them. I wish I had all the money in the world for lessons every day. Then we'd be onto something. Needless to say, It was a great skate. It may have not been my absolute best technically (damn double toe), but I felt good about it. I'm so in love with the movement. I have got to get enrolled in a ballet class ASAP.

Another thing I decided that I need to start really focusing on what I eat again. Of course, I can list off what I ate three days ago. I do very much think about what I eat. It's just when I get too comfortable with certain foods and introduce them more than I should. Moderation is key; summer is time for definate reforecasting in how we eat and think about our meals. Due to the warmth of the air, our bodies no longer need heavier and richer foods, but long for farmstand fruit and fresh vegetables and lighter soups (cold soups). Fruits especially. They pair with so much--meals or dessert. Also, cheese is amazing with certain fruits and wines. I want to get to be really familiar with pairings so while entertaining the future I will always have the appropriate bottle of vino on hand. I haven't been feeling well lately either. Sometimes I do eat too many sweets than my body can handle. I'm planning on eating fruits, vegetables, and carbs (rice, bread, etc). Simple foods. Things that my body doesnt have to over process. I just want clean foods in me. Kind of a cleanse? Nothing crazy, but I doubt I'm going to make it. I want to, but it's hard to do, but will result in good things. When you cut out sugar and salt you notice a big difference. If you gave up sugar/salt (what you can anyways) for three month you wouldn't need as much anymore. You would just train yourself to like it unsweeted or find alternatives (honey, cinnamon). Too bad wheatgrass makes me vom :/...sorry--rambling!

Work went really well. We got out at 12:05 though. Kind of a bummer. I really wanted to hang out with Meredith. I keep missing her when she is home because I have funny hours with work. I need the money, so in the end it's allgood. We had a few really good laughs though, so it was worth it. I like it because we are all pretty comfortable with eachother. I love it ha ha even though I'm tired and am dragging by the end, it's fun. Tomorrow I'm going on an early morning bikeride with Danielle. It shall be fun. I want to skate, but oh well, such is life.

Check out that South Park episode at the top! Go to the farmers market this weekend! Don't forget!
Movie Recommendations! (links = trailers)
1) Amelie: this is such a cute movie. Don't worry, they have subtitles when you buy the movie. It's good for any walks of life and is perfect for any mood.

2) Black Sheep: Chris Farley and David Spade. Great tagteam. This is a link to one of my fave scenes in the movie. "They've got like levers galore in this thing.."

3) Closer: I have no idea where my DVD copy went. I watched this movie all the time. I had it on in the background all the time. I think it's clever and so true. 

4) Into The Wild: My parents rented this movie and had it on the counter. I snagged it before they could and watched it in my room. Normally, this is impossible. It's a lengthy movie, so if I can watch it, so can you. This story (I love the book as well--a true story) makes me want to go out and live nomadically. His story is so enticing. I love it. I love his independance and freedom. It gets you in touch with what is necessary in life. God I love this story.

5) Garden State: OO! 2 Natalie Portman hits on the list! This movie is so simple yet adorable and yet carries emotion so well. I could watch this movie any day.

Try and rent one of these or see it soon! Hope you enjoy them!


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