May 27, 2009

mammatus clouds.

Oh, one of the best parts of the day. Reflection time!

Today brought upon some good things. I was pretty chipper for the most part. Today, even though I had planned on going skating, I decided against it. Tomorrow is my day off and I figure that the time would be better suited to skate tomorrow. I would have just had to rush around to make it to work on time. Danielle came over and we biked over to Walgreens and then came back and played hardcore frisbee. I have come to love frisbee and treat it like we are training for an Olympic event. How badass would that be? I'm not talking about frolf, I'm talking about just tossing a frisbee. Ha ha ha. We are training ourselves to throw left handed. I have high hopes.

After the frisbee event, I showered up, got ready, and headed to lunch at Butterfield's to meet Matthew and his parents. I'm kind of pissed. They brought me the wrong dish, but whatever, i ate it anyways. It wasn't bad. I had work afterwards and it went really well. We got out pretty early, minimal orders. That's always nice! Afterward Matthew came over and we just hung out, had some rhubarb pie, and watched some South Park. 

Pictures from work:


 Align Left

I have good hopes for the day tomorrow.  I plan on waking up, going skating with Meagan, stopping by work, headin home where my grandparents and parents will be playing cards all through the day and my dad's 60th celebration will take place. My brother, sister in law, and Matthew are coming over at 6 for dessert. It will be a good time. The day is pretty flexible though. I look forward to see what my dad thinks of the gift my bro and I got him. I hope he likes it!

I cannot even believe that a YEAR ago on Thursday that I'd be finished packing and heading to Malta. It is so sad. I miss it so much and would give anything to be in that same apprehensive/excited/anxious place that I was. It really did change my life. I hate to hear about people that have disappointing international travels. I believe what lies on the other side of the Atlantic is a fabulous place (for the most part). Mostly Europe is what I'm talking about. I am so excited to go again and really explore more areas. I feel sometimes that I am so stupid for coming back home. Of course, I had to, but it is just a shame that I had such a short time in Europe (2 weeks). But boy, did we really conquer Malta!

I am very excited for our weather tomorrow! Rain and instability. That's what I'm talkin about! It will be a good day to stay inside and hang out and enjoy the family company. So I woke up this morning to my mom freaking out about something. There is a larger than life beehive on the side of my roof and it's right near the room where the exercise bike is. It was crazy. That was amusing to watch for awhile, but kind of gross. I would hate to see all those bees get smoked. I really hope they can relocate the hive. I think they are honeybees. They are very small. Possibly baby wasps, but it looks more like a honey comb hive. Good times?
Wow, I just found something interesting out.. M.I.A's song $20 (one of my faves, I know every word. ha ha) chorus features the chorus of the Pixies song "Where Is My Mind" I definately feel lame for not knowing that. OH well, we learn something new everyday! Anywho, I need some sleep!

Bring that umbrella tomorrow! Enjoy your Wednesday!

-Tessa Erin.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the pics of your cookies! So jealous...they look so tasty!
(This is Meredith...)