May 23, 2009

eyes darting through tall grass.

So I don't have long. It's 1:08 am and I have to be up by 6:40 to open Jamba. It almost seems like there is no point in going to bed, but I know better.

I can't spill too much about the day, but knowing me, I will. The day started with the decision of walking to the gym (1.9 miles) from my house. Took me 25 minutes and when I hit the gym I did weights and stretching and then walked back. All in all, I'm happy about it. I hate the gym, but I need to lift weights. I think resistance training is important and it's useful for skating. After this, I got ready and headed to work. It was pretty good. Decorated and glazed. I don't really enjoy glazing, but only because I am still really slow at it. Oh well. Time will allow me to get better. We got out of work early early for a Friday (9:55!) ha ha. So it was nice. Afterward, Matthew came over and we watched some Chelsea Lately and The Soup. HA HA I love those shows. I laughed SO hard at tonights episodes. Thank you, E!

I have to talk about a dream I had two nights ago because I cannot stop thinking about it. I had a dream I was at Seven Bridges on the NHL rink (where the competitions take placE) warming up with a group of competitive figure skaters (5-7 min warm up before the programs) and they were all in dresses and I was in skating pants and a sweater. I had no music and no routine planned and obviously no dress. I was not a competitive figure skater and I kept telling the girls that were in my group that I was not a competitive figure skater but I would be competing with them tonight. I was rocking in my warm up too, landing jumps I don't have and feeling really confident. After warm up when we were waiting for the skaters to perform, a coach said that if I was not a competitive skater that I should have really used the name of someone who was. She then introduced herself in a way that was soliciting her services as a coach. However it was odd because in my dream, I had the same coach I have now in real life. Sometimes odd to carry over literall into a dream. Normally it's distorted. Anywho..I was waiting and waiting for my time to go on and I had to wait forever because they were cleaning the ice with a squeegie (SP?) instead of a zamboni! So then When they called my name I remember my best friend from high school in the front row cheering for me and I skated out to the center, struck my pose, and just as the first note of the music hit I woke up realizing I had slept in an hour late! I'm so bummed I missed what I skated like. It's for the unfinished dream..a good thing perhaps!

Sorry. I had to write it. Tomorrow should be a good day! We shall see what goes down. I have plans, but they are flexible. YAY! I only work till 12:30! Which is better than the usual 3. My hand is KILLING me from the pipe work. My middle finger on my right hand in particular. I'm worried about the condition of my hands. Whatever, I love what I do. It's a good thing  I have a few days off to get it into all star shape.

Gosh. I've been jonesin to watch some shows from the past! I'll call this the BLAST FROM THE PAST TV SPECIAL:

1) So weird - Disney Channel. My GOD I loved that show! I still would if i knew disney played it once in awhile
2) The ONE SATURDAY MORNING cartoons; Doug, Recess, and Pepper Ann. Wow, watching that intro makes me think of laying in bed watching cartoons I loved just as every kid should. Where my biggest decision was count chocula or fruity pepples. What happened, youth?!
3) The Magic school bus! No explanation needed.
4) Drew Carey Show. I loved this show. I love the intro song too.
5) Roseanne. Thank GOD for Nick@Nite who still plays this gem. (Hilarious Clips)

Now i shall set off to expect to watch the sunrise. Enjoy your day before showers settle in at night!

; tessa

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