May 22, 2009

orange chocolate.

Today proved to be a good one for sure. I am loving my schedules these days. Today consisted of seeing Danielle at our usual 10:30 and she unloaded a bag full of clothes for me! She gave me a ton of really great clothing items, beads, and best of all SCRUNCHIES! We had environmental bio together in the fall semester (how we met) and I had like 4 scrunchies in my purse and I said, "you know a figure skater when there are 4 scrunchies in their purse." i am so excited to wear some of my new threads and hair accessories that I have aquired. Major "cha-ching". We went on a 6 mi bike ride (30 mins) and played 30 mins of "pretty intense" frisbee. I threw it over the fence of this one yard and we had to deal with some strat ideas of how we would get it back. It worked out in the end.

I got ready, went to Butterfields to semi meet Matthew. He had a meeting at one, but I met him at 12:3o where we talked briefly over iced tea. I got grilled cheese and mushroom barley soup. It was delicious to the third power. Work was at two which was fantastico! I love it there a lot. I made some cookies, made some frosting, and of course decorated cookies. Here are some of the ones I decorated today; TESSABEES!

After work (which got out pretty early tonight!) Matthew and I met up at the Hilton to kick back some Tanqueray and tonic and I got some mango-brie quesadillas (so predictable). I have not had Red Mango in forever.  How sad!  Soon.  I have come a little further on my barrette endeavors. They are getting better and better each time, as expected I suppose.  I'm excited for the next one I make. I love getting crafty. I'm notorious for spending a ton of money on something I'm into for the time being. Things always change. I come back to it years later looking to use certain materials for something new.  Hobby Lobby has some killer beads right now that I cannot wait to throw on hemp. I want to make a new one for my Phish concert coming up!

I have no clue what tomorrow holds. How exhilerating. No public skate tomorrow, so I will most likely go to the gym or bike ride. But I should throw forward a few weights. Ugh. Gym it is. Work--Cookies (2-?)

So it appears that 96,000 pounds of beef have been recalled coming from IL. Maybe I am way behind on this piece of news-- (I never watch TV). But it is this kind of shit that worries me. We are eating products from animals that are shot with hormones and animals that are treated and fed very poorly. What is that to say abour our intake? It just makes me think twice. Same with milk...cows are given the Bovine growth hormone. We really don't know what kind of effect this will have on us years from now because it is too recent for us to see the the full cycle. I hate the food here in America. I want to move to France. Where cuisine is important. Unlike here, where people eat anywhere, anytime, and eat anything. We have no class when it comes to taste. Some of us do, don't get me wrong, but so many people have eating disorders. I'm not just talking about skinny girls and bulimia. I'm talking about any eating pattern that strays from the normal three meals a day (what makes most sense for our system).  Disordered eating.  It's everywhere.

Exciting news! Hurricane season has started!  I love tropical meteorology. I liked it the most I think. Anywho. I want to go make more barrettes!  :)

keep it real.

xx tessabee.

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