May 5, 2009

tea for me, please.

Wow. 9:48. Not wasting anytime here! Whenever I have a clementine lately, it's been my main goal to get it all off in one big peel. I've only had a few since I've gotten them, so give me time people, I shall prevail.

Skating soon! Hurrah! Love skating. I wish I wasn't so inept when it came to some of my jumps, but I'm getting the idea and it's just having the ability to be able to rotate quickly and efficiently. I'm happy in the sense that if I watch something over and over, I can start to apply it. Youtube is fabulous. Not just for skating clips though, for everything. You're almost gaurenteed to be on the site for 20+ minutes.

Some favorite clips:
4) love this program: sasha cohen
5) great for a good laugh!
6) watch this and follow it with this.

--check em out if you get a chance.

OH! how exciting--tornado sirens are being tested. Man, I have got to go chasing! I with I had $1500 laying around. I'm really hoping to save up something substantial and go next year. It will be good for me. I've been wanting to for so long now. Ah well, soon soon. 

Today is Cinco de Mayo. Yippie skippy. It's just another reason for you to drink large amounts of tequila on a Tuesday night--(however, I wouldn't mind a margarita myself.) Splurge and celebrate the mexican independance day and go with a little Cabo Wabo Blanco. I should have one right before I go to my lead meeting at work, but I shall pass. I have no clue what this little gathering could be about. For one thing, they never ever end well. If they are to be had in the back room, we know someone is going to end up crying. That's how we know our manager is pissed and needs to yell at us for god knows what. If they are hosted in the front then we know it's usually small talk and open discussion. I have a feeling this one will be hosted in the back. I can't recall anything I've done wrong there or gotten in trouble for--but then again, I'm usually wrong. I'll use skating to encourage a good mood today.

I tried getting these chocolates this weekend. I got them at none other than Le Chocolat. These were featured in the Oprah magazine for all you Oprah lovers out there, I am however, not one. They come in a lot of unique flavors and are finished with a shiny touch. Earl Grey and Chai Tea were on my list to try (obviously) and they were pretty tasty. You just get a hint of the tea. They have other flavors such as passion fruit, coconut, pear, asian spice, raspberry, etc. Since Oprah loves then you will probably see them everywhere--sound familiar??

So order yourselves some chocolate and drink a lot of water today! Both are very good for your health--but enjoy your tequila.

Here's to you!

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