December 23, 2009

broke as a joke (for good reason)

Why hello, hello.
You better have all your holiday cheer together!

Christmas is just around the corner!

Things have been so busy!
But the good news and the bad news?!


This is good because I know I have gotten people gifts I think they will really enjoy/use.
But it's bad because well, I've got like no money.
Oh well I will survive!

I have everyone's gift and its all put nicely into baskets and appropriate
things have bows tied neatly around them.
I love giving gifts.
The stress I could do without.
Work got out super late last night and the night before (after 12am both nights).
Now I have quite a nice little break from it all.
I cannot wait. I'm revved for Christmas!
I am deciding to dress up a little more this year.
(who doesn't love a reason to buy another piece of clothing?)

Anywho; I hope everyone has an AMAZING holiday and please-- enjoy yourselves!

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