December 27, 2009

Where are all those snowmen?!

It's always a little sad to see Christmas go...

But then again it's fun to get into the mood of a new year.
I love those weeks of building up the holiday hype.
The stress we welcome in with open arms.
My Christmas Eve and my Christmas Day were just wonderful this year.
For Christmas Eve we went over to Eric's parents house for dinner and gift exchange.
They got me some awesome gifts and seemed to really like what I got them :)
For Christmas Day my parents, brother & sister-in-law, & I
do our gift exhange in the morning
That normally takes about 2 hours to get through.
There are a lot of gifts to go around.
I was so grateful! I got so many great things and all of them are useful.
Another year of good gifts and I got a lot of gift cards! This was very good.
A particular favorite which i have not used is...
my new Crayola Glow Dome courtesy of my mom! See here!
It was such a random gift to get that brought upon great results ha ha ha.
I cannot wait to use it.

Normally we go to my Cousin's house after our family exchange
and do the exchange all over again with my mom's side.
We hadn't had it at our house in years and Eric would be spending the day with my family.
We are a pretty crazy bunch, but I knew he would have no problems getting along.
I was so excited that we were having the Christmas party at our house this year.
I mean, it's always more comfortable to spend Christmas in your own home, right?
I even got a bit dressed up for the occasion!
So all in all we had about 15 people at our house on Friday.
I love when our house is filled with laughter and loudness.
It's such a contrast to the norm.

Here are a few shots from Christmas Eve/Day:
(thank you again, Eric for having to go through the pain in the ass process of converting the file!)

(Christmas Eve --what's up, mermaid legs! ha ha ha.)

(Christmas; Side profile of me sporting a new scarf my Uncle Dave gave me
& of course, my Santa hat!)

(Christmas; an awesome shot Eric took of the festivities!)

(Christmas; our festive wear with a little pizazz on my feet!)

After all the holiday hype was done we retired to Eric's for the weekend & did not do much.
We even slept in until 2pm today.
Which is absolutely disgusting but it was awesome at the same time.
Today was a day of football (bummer, Colts) and Saturday was a day of cleaning.
It was a productive, yet relaxing weekend & it doesn't get much better than that.
Although, with the snow we got, I was a little bummed we didn't make a snowman.
But let's be honest, I cannot stand the cold for more than 2 minutes...(or less)
So it's really my fault. Maybe I will have to throw on 5 sweaters and get crafty.


iPhone/iTouch users!
Don't ask questions!

Tomorrow I am seeing my friend Adam who is on leave from the Navy.
We are going to lunch with my friend Cady & that should be a great time!
For now I must go to bed if there is any hope of me heading into the gym tomorrow!

Don't forget to drink lots of water! ;)


listening to: (nine) by Ratatat

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I'm sad to see it go too :( glad you had a lovely holiday!