January 20, 2010

caught red handed! (with yummy deliciousness!)

Wow. Already 21 days into January. Hopefully it will conclude nicely. I'm sure it will.
Let me tell you one thing right now. I have to get this out.
I hate the Kardashian family. I REALLY do. However, I am always tuned in to their damn show. I love their stupid drama. However I love Khloe. Once I tune in, I have to finish it.
I am VERY ashamed of this, but whatever, we all have our guilty pleasures.
I'd rather have mine be a show than be something like..mass amounts of apple pie.

So Sunday I was definitely tuned in for the Golden Globes. I LOVE award shows.
Back in High School, my friend Dan and I would dress up & go to Jewel before our GGparty.
We would announce to everyone we encountered that we were headed to the Golden Globes.
It was a hoot. We would all have sheets marked with who we thought would win and would watch the pre-shows on E! Those were the days. Eric even watched it with me this year :)
Thank goodness for TiVo (24 was on) I knew what he was sacrificing.
However we both enjoy a little Ricky Gervais and knew a lot of the nominated roles.
I guess watching award shows is another guilty pleasure.
But I enjoy the Academy Awards a lot more. It goes into each movie more in detail.
However the Globes this year were pretty good and I agree with the winners for the most part.
Of course plenty of shots taken at NBC by all--(always hilarious)

Speaking of NBC the 2010 Winter Olympics are coming up soon! I cannot wait! Sunday was the day when the three Olympic contenders where chosen; Jeremy Abbott, Evan Lysacek, & Johnny Weir are those three. I am so excited. I used to train with Evan back in my skating hey day. We had the same coach for a period of time as well. I am excited he made it but I am especially excited for Johnny Weir. I recently watched a hilarious documentary on him.
Be Good Johnny Weir is the name. It has a great look into the sport of figure skating and the pressures of being competitive on a world scale. Anywho...
The Olympics inspire me like crazy. Competition season (October-March) normally does.
I think it is absolutely remarkable to see so many talented athletes in one arena.
Winter is the best because figure skating gets out there on a large scale--which is exciting.
I just cannot wait to see which American ladies are going!
I'm for Ashley Wagner & Mirai Nagasu. They both have so much potential. Moving on...

This last stretch of the week is a busy one. Work the rest of the week until Sunday. It will be good though. I need the money (Saturdays always rake in more $$--long hours).

My thoughts are always in the midst of changing my entire look. But I adore my long hair, I like it's colour (it's natural color), and I like how easy my hair is to manage. It would look ridiculous short (shoulder length-ish). I've been there. I hated it.
I always say "anyone can have short hair." You really don't hear many people with long hair saying "Oh I wish I had short hair." But you always hear a girl with short hair say;
"I'm growing it out." or "I regret cutting it."
I don't know. I just feel like my look is getting boring.
I used to change it up constantly in high school. I want to get a wig actually.
A wig with black just above the shoulder hair with straight across bangs. That'd be perfect.

So tonight Flaming Hot Cheetos have the best of me. I love this unhealthy snack indulgence. I love it because it brings me back to my youth a.k.a. high school a.k.a. 4 years ago.
But I ate this almost every day freshman year.

You could see me skipping or running down the halls ALWAYS with a bag of flamin' hots
(with red fingers to match) and bottled water. I haven't really had them since freshman year which was 2002.
So flash forward to tonight at work;
(a girl I work with right now is pregnant).
In general without the pregnancy we talk a lot about food. I'm always spurting out my cravings (I have insane cravings and have had them my whole life). So today we were talking about snack foods and I mentioned Flaming Hot Cheetos.
Like always most of the time if a food is mentioned at all in the shoppe, I end up eating it later.
Chipotle, Noodles, Panera, Subway, Pizza...etc etc. I mean how can you resist??
Plus I always try to get something healthy (with tons of veggies!)
But tonight this was not the case AT ALL. I declared I was stopping on the way home to get my beloved long lost snack item. I was worried about eating the whole bag.
Eating the whole bag I have not.
See I was worried about this. I shared how I always worry about bags/boxes of chips or snacks. I don't want to eat the whole thing! But I worry I might so I never get snacky foods like that usually. So this girl I work with tells me to just get a small bag.
No one is ever satisfied with that one bag of like 12 cheetos.
So I get the medium bag. I have consumed about half and I'm sure I'll go get more as soon as I finish this entry. The night is young. I have good spirits.
P.S. I will feel like shit later from this, I'm sure. I'll try and stay optimistic.

How cool is it that during Local On The 8's "Eminence Front" is playing?!

Now I will show you a completely random picture that has nothing to do with anything in this post!

(but I will tell you about it.)

This is the Mosta Dome located in Malta. That woman in the picture is JoAnn.
She was in my group when I traveled there. Anywho Malta was a big player in WWII.
So one Sunday during a service the church was struck by a bomb.
It came through the top of the church and fell on the floor.
It didn't go off. A faulty bomb. It was their Miracle.
This church is also the third biggest domed church in Europe.


listening to: Kaleidoscope by Sleepy Rebels.

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Elizabeth Marie said...

I love Kourtney. Don't tell anyone. I am ashamed of this. And are flamin hot cheetos vegan?! HELP. lol