February 1, 2010

What I'd like to call a "creative day"

What could be better than a Monday off?
I get Mondays off frequently. (I know, be jealous).
What a great start to the week (thus far).
I hope I will not be found biting my tongue later, but that's usually the case.

I stayed an extra night at Eric's last night. Normally he drops me back home Sunday nights.
But I didn't have work today and he didn't need to be in at 9 so it worked nicely.
We were ready to go to bed at 1 a.m. but fortunately/unfortunately we talked until 3:30am.
We both were not tired and we always find ourself getting into conversations that lasts for hours.
(those are the best nights). I wouldn't have it any other way.
But things weren't so awesome when his alarm clock went off at 7:15 a.m. We were both pretty tired, but I made sure he got a good breakfast in him before a long day & he dropped me back home. I decided to skate...
This was a rather interesting idea. Skating on 3 1/2 hours of sleep?
I only have to devote every fiber of my being while I'm on the ice.
However it was a great time. The usual crowd was there and we were being jokey & enjoying the ice being free from college kids back home and toddlers that never seem to have school.
Talk about slaphappy! It put me (& everyone else) in a great mood so that three hours of sleep turned out to be all I needed for today. Thank goodness I was in a good mood because there are two sides to the "no sleep" coin.

So back to re-capping...

Work was pretty crazy last week, well, more crazy than usual. We got out pretty late each night.
I will look forward to that paycheck. However, I hope this week is not as hectic.

This weekend was a good one. Eric and I went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. I wanted to go there because I had never been. I enjoyed it. I love pizza and I always find myself acting like a 6 year old because I order it at so many restaurants. So it's nice to go somewhere where pizza is a specialty. There are so many vegetarian options, so that's always nice. We had a nice weekend. We ran small errands here and there, but pretty much laid low.
I'm proud of myself because I made a nice little meal on Saturday :)
I can't wait till we get settled in together because I will get in the habit of cooking and trying new recipes all the time.
Plus we will have all the utensils/cooking items I need and we will be good to go..
So much to look forward to!

I guess we can let music creep into this post...
after all, the Grammy's were yesterday and everyone is all into the music hype.

There are a few bands/artists that I am really into right now;

Spoon (obviously)

I burn people CD's like crazy. & I feel like I put these artists on the most.
I love the challenge of trying to fit 1.2 hours of music onto a disc and give it to someone and have them really love and enjoy it (the order of songs is crucial, it has to flow just right)
Especially when you don't exactly know what they listen to.
As Cady said "Each CD should be a journey." That's what I try to accomplish.
I love introducing people to new artists and different genres of music.
Music is one of the best things that you can share.
I really like Margot & The Nuclear So & So's because I don't normally listen to acoustic-y kind of music, yet it really captivates me coming from them. I also like how certain songs on the album remind me of Radiohead's Pablo Honey/The Bends days. It's always a perk.
I also REALLY dig Bloc Party, but I'm still in Love with their first album, Silent Alarm, so I give people the old tunes. I'm lucky I came across Sleepy Rebels.
Eric & I shazam'ed one of their songs on our iPhones during a U.S. Cellular commercial and that's how I found out about them. I fell in love with the song "Kaleidoscope" which is the song that plays during that commercial. So yeah, I sputtered a bit about music there, and no, you cannot find any of this music nominated for a Grammy. The closest thing might be MGMT or The Ting Tings. I actually only caught about 50 minutes of the Grammy's from the start. Whatever. I'm kind of glad Taylor Swift won. I have never heard any of her songs, but she seems alright and good for her. Beyonce had a really good performance, same with Pink & The Black Eyed Peas. The Grammy's ended up taking a backseat to Xbox with my dearest and I was fine with that.

I look forward to a good week of work. Valentines day will be hell (busiest day of the year).
Indianapolis this weekend for a super bowl party! I'm really excited for the next few weeks! Good stuff for sure, busy, but that's never a bad thing!

I am exhausted. It's so early (9:39pm), but I'm thinking that my bed time is near.


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