February 3, 2010

lets lay down some images.

What my day will include; in pictures.
In chronological order.

A Blueberry bagel :)

Figure skating :)
lunch at Clara's with the people I skate with.
(it's right next to the rink)
This is a GREAT restaurant, it's always packed.
I've been going here for years and my parents actually know Clara :)

A little shower time of course! ;)

I get to hang out with Eric tonight!
Hopefully this night will include wine, great conversation, fantastic music, & xbox!
but whatever we end up doing it will be awesome.
I made him a CD and I'm so excited to give it to him.
He has to be one of my favourite people to make CD's for because it's a challenge!

Woohoo! this game rocks, but sometimes the categories/questions really suck.

This tea is awesome.
It contains valerian root which is also used in vicodin.
I know that's not the greatest plug in the world, but it knocks me out.
Just don't let it steep too long :)
You can find this at whole foods.

Have a GREAT day!

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