January 15, 2010

I guess we will never know...


Why is the shittiest toilet paper in the house placed in MY bathroom? Really?

Why is it that I cannot drag myself to the gym today? Oh yeah--my hips are screaming at me.
The scene last night: Noodles.
The happening? Me scarfing down a large Mac & Cheese. (it's been awhile, cut me some slack)
Me saying to myself then: "I need to kick my ass in the gym tomorrow."
Me saying to myself now: "eh never mind." dammit. It's okay. I'm over it.
At this point its not good for my body to pump iron and physically exert my body.

Why is it that I am always low on money? I'm good at managing it, it just seems like I'm always worried about it. That's okay. MO MONEY MO PROBLEMS!

Why is it that I always put off washing my hair? (I am lucky, this is not my biggest problem)
I try to go a week without washing it. My hair is thick (very thick) & long, this allows me to go a long period of time without and ensures faster growth (I'm not stripping my hair of its nutrients everyday). But it takes awhile to dry (I refuse the blow dry process) so I'm always putting it off.

Why don't I have some spectacular talent that allocates fame fame fame?!
Then I thought about it. Even if I did have some great talent, 9 times out of 10 someone else is going to be just as good if not better. If I were a great singer, that doesn't make me special persay, it just makes me more well rounded. I guess that makes me feel better. It's all relative. But I seriously think I should have been famous by now.

Why can there not be thousands of Cookies By Design locations in the Chicagoland area so that Eric and I can move wherever we please? (Seriously, I almost wish I was still at Jamba so then I can up and quit entirely and just find a new job. Unfortch I'm attached to my job.)

Why the hell there are there things like THIS on the market? Seriously pretty soon there will be something to make your fingers, toes, and ears less fat. Jeepers.

Why can't I go anywhere without someone exclaiming "You're weird." WOW! Tell me something I don't know. I always accept this as a compliment.

Why do I buy magazines and barely read them? I always read my Vogue, but the January Issue is still sittin pretty on my bedroom floor mostly unread but already skimmed through.

Why is my boyfriend awesome? For thousands of reasons, but in most recent because he gave me an iTunes gift card as part of my xmas gift. At first I thought this to be odd because we both are avid downloaders, but not everything can be downloaded, so new music and apps are now making their appearance in my iTunes/iPhone and I'm quite grateful I didn't have to fork over that $4.99 for the AWESOME Trivial Pursuit app!

Why is it that I sometimes sit back and allow life to roll on by? Sometimes I feel like I do nothing with my free time. I'll just sit and stumble upon the internet, watch weather channel, download music, etc. Sometimes I feel like I'm really livin life, but I hate feeling like I let time go to waste. Such a sad thing. I should start putting myself to good use.

Why is it that no one else seems to have seen a squirrel walk? Seriously it's the funniest thing ever--they look so sly and shady and it's so different from their usual scamper. (this allocates the "You're weird" statement, I suppose)

Why can't we all be a little more emotional and sensitive? Sometimes I feel like I'm too much of both. But at the same time sometimes I feel completely cold and detached. I just feel like we have to put ourselves in other peoples shoes sometimes and think about how we would truly like to be treated and then treat others that way. Be open, accept others, and laugh a little. It cannot hurt.

Wow. Why did I get the idea to write this?Bold

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