January 5, 2010

I guess you can say I'm a LUSH lush?

Why hello there, Tuesday evening!
It has been quite a good day thus far.
I am just so amped about the fact that school no longer interferes with my skating.
Some of you are thinking
(cue Jim Gaffigan's 'audience thoughts' voice)
"she must have this all backwards...education is so important!"
Yeah whatever it got in the way of my skating.
I just REALLY hope that I can start getting lessons again.
That'd be fabulous.

So on Saturday night Eric and I cuddled in for a movie.
The movie? Julie & Julia.
No, I would NOT call this a situation where I had said
I'm not really that type and the movie wasn't that type either.
I loved it though. I love cooking (I wish I did WAY more of it) & I LOVE France.
I say it like I have a summer house there.
I've never been, but I love the culture, the clothing, the COOKING!, & of course the sights.
However it got me thinking, since its so heavily based on blogs;
"I wonder how crazy it would be to get that many comments/followers!"
"Should I make some sort of goal like that and follow through?"
"Should my blog have a theme?"

Then I thought about my blog. Wow.
I just write about my days and various things that go on in my life.
I do this more so to keep track of it all and spill some thoughts.
It's sort of like "Who would want to read this?"
But I always enjoy getting a peek into other peoples lives.
It adds another dimension; a new perspective.
It's refreshing and assuring if that makes any sense at all.

I feel like I need to make a shout out to the store LUSH.
I have been there three times in the past two weeks.
No complaining on this end. Each time I get more and more.
I love that the products are made with natural ingredients & are not tested on animals.
This is what I racked up this week;

These lip balms are AMAZING. They moisturized in no time!
They also taste and smell AMAZING. I would make this your main lip wear.

When you go into LUSH and ask to sample something
someone will come over and test it and also give you like a 2 minute hand massage.
It is the best store ever. They tell you what it does and how to use it.
This is for your body/face/hands. I love it for the hands, but of course also good for the face.
It smells like lime and coconut and sand. In the best way ever of course.

I love this stuff. Being a skater, anything to make my feet better is a plus.
This is great after you get out of the shower or right before you hop into bed with socks.
(I know, sometimes sleeping with socks on is annoying as hell, but it's worth it. Heh.)
It has peppermint, cocoa, almond oil, etc etc.
It makes your feet tingle and makes them feel clean and fresh.
Which is always nice.

I've got two jars of this gold. It is the best hand cream ever & smells super earthy,
but delicious. I love slathering this over my paws in the morning and before bed.
Eric got me 2 jars for Christmas! I'll have smooth hands in stock!
As you can see, I'm loaded on the Lush. I am a Lush lush.

If there is a Lush by you--GO! I went there like two times before loving it.
You've just got to do some exploring. They've got GREAT bath bombs.
But lets be honest, I get so bored in a tub unless I've got a glass of champagne
and a Vogue. Most often it's the champagne that I lack :(
(or my spelling skills as Eric pointed out.)

I hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday!
Drink lots of water and be sure to learn a fun fact.


watching: Futurama
but wanting to watch Top Gear :(

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