January 10, 2010

This is how I am repaid.

Here is me. I am writing about my life again.
I know this is exciting stuff.

well lets start off with work.
the weeks before and of Christmas we were slammed.
It was staying till 11pm almost each night.
I'm not necessarily complaining about that = ($$$$)
I love my job, but the hours are finicky.
I normally start each day at 2pm.
I could get out at 6:30pm or 2am. You just never know.
Although it's all over the board, I really like that. Sometimes I get out early (that's lucky)
Sometimes I get out late (but that's money.)
I say it completely balances out.
So this week we were rather slow. By slow I mean get out at 6:05 or 7pm.
This is rare, but when it happens it's quite nice.
Especially since Valentine's Day is going to be major busy.
I miss out on something fancy for the date, but after getting my credit card bill
I'm sure that paycheck the week of Valentines day will do me good!

(well kind of, and only if you're me)
I drove to Eric's house! I know, this seems lame.
He lives about 45-50 minutes away and it's all highway driving.
Highways freak me out.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE going fast and maneuvering along the road...
It's more so the fear of missing an exit and not knowing where I am.
I am terrified of getting lost. Of course, my phone has GPS so that's a huge perk.
So this week Eric needed me to drive to his house and I did it no problem!
I wasn't even really that nervous about it.
(he asked me to drive to his house about 2 months ago and I practically had a panic attack)
But 2010 is bringing me some highway "you will not get lost!" confidence.

So I've been thinking a lot lately. (well, I guess)
I'm done with school for the time being and now I'm thinking about what lies ahead.
I am getting more hours at work, which is GREAT news. Four days a week is perfect.
I hate the fact that I feel like I need a day off during the week to "recoup"
and do what I need to get done (laundry, long skating days, cleaning, seeing friends).
I am so excited that I am skating more & have potentially found a coach I want to work with.
I want to get into ballet more. I'm dying to get up on pointe.
There are other things I'd like to fill my time with.
I feel like as soon as I share a goal with people, it's no longer going to get accomplished.
Or completely the opposite. Sometimes sharing a goal with someone encourages you to do it.
& Sometimes I just feel like I lose sights of it all together when my goal is publicized.

The Packers Vs. The Cardinals!
What a game. It's great watching amazing football games.
When you're from Chicago & you've got the Bears, you envy a GREAT game
played between other teams. So this playoff game was GREAT.
Back to back touchdowns by each team.
With the decent lead Arizona had going into half time, the Packers REALLY picked it back up.
I love those "edge of your seat" sports moments.
I was going for the Cardinals.
I'm over the Packers (I was never really into them actually)
I'm glad I'm with someone that loves Sunday Football.
I love watching the games together and keeping track of the season.
I can't wait for the Super Bowl! Plus, THE WHO is playing halftime!
Thank goodness it's someone awesome!

on another note...
I have to recommend that you listen to the song:
"The wanting comes in waves/Repaid"
By: The Decemberists
I love this song. I love it's dynamic and what it makes me think about.

For now I am going to crochet before bed.
Skating and Work tomorrow. Should be a great day!

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