October 25, 2010

But I can explain!...No. I really should cut up my credit card!

Damnit, self! You have done it again!
I find myself...in a contemplative and perhaps regretful state. I drove home nearing the edge of my seat wondering what the hell I'm going to do about all this money I've been spending in recent months. EEEK!!! I blame it on the seasonal change. I believe that this period of time reigns in the greatest amount of shoppers (besides Christmas and of course Black Friday) at one time. Maybe I am completely wrong with that statement, but this time of year gets the best of the plastic cards found disheveled between the walls of my wallet. Poor things, they just get plain overused. The drive home allocated some good time to think about the wonderful, wonderful (but really shouldn't have bought them) things I had just bought at Nordstrom & Urban Outfitters at the Oakbrook Mall, which are pictured here;

Items here are,

Mens checkered socks $8.00, Aztec sunglasses $4.99!, Headband: $4.99, 80's Music trivia $2.99 all from Urban Outfitters
The Kiehl's Lipbalm $7.00 and facial wash $18.00 are from Nordstrom.

So Yeah, sweet, except I shouldn't have bought them, so I am therefore cutting off my spending. Until after Christmas. My only exception is groceries and gifts for others.

It just doesn't seem fair. It's not that I need to spend, I'm no addictive shopper and I'm not compulsive either. I believe that all of my purchases are justifiable, but everything can be justified. Everything I buy, I use/wear/apply, give, etc. Plenty of people spend beyond their means, but I don't want to be one of them. I am so good about putting things back and passing up purchases. I make exceptions, but I know that I can do just fine without many of the "things" I find myself buying. Example, I am done buying tights. I have enough crazy patterned tights for now (but can you ever really have too many???) There are a few reasons for this, I suppose;

1) I am in my early twenties. For now, I am allowed to be a broke ass. I work for my money to spend it (don't worry, I pay my bills and am responsible), but I just don't have the income to supplement my "early twenties" phase. If there is such a thing.

2) Like I mentioned before, the seasonal change is among us. Autumn sparks the spending in me, the best stuff is out during this time to gear us up for the Holiday spending spree. It's nothing I'm proud of, but it's just how it is.

3) I tend to get the most I can for my money. I snag a sale if I can or spend when the purchase seems practical. Sometimes, things are so cheap that you think "Why wouldn't I buy this?!?" and that's what gets me. Places like XXI, Target, H&M, Good Will, American Apparel, & Urban Outfitters (sales rack only!) always cause me to throw down the Mastercard hard. It's just too easy. Damn you, good stores for being so cheap...and accessible ::sly grin::

So that is it. I have gotten a few new fall pieces and if I need anything else then I'm sure I can find it at Good Will. I am done, done, done spending!

This is where I mention the Tessa Fund....

So I am excited about all this Kiehls stuff that I got. I have only been reading that it is the best product for most of my life. The lady hooked me up with ton of samples! YAY moisturizer! I am now equipped for the upcoming brush we will have with below freezing temperatures. Yippy Skippy. I never regret sauntering into Urban Outfitters, either. I always forget how much I love this story, but I remember why I forget when I see their price tags. Their sales rack always makes me feel like I'm thrifting and you can get some sick steals.

The real dream shades are these bad boys;

Original Wayfarer
but for now the Urban Outfitters Aztec Shades will suffice. I couldn't believe they were only $4.99. I thought they were $14 (which was a steal enough for me) and then the cashier stated that they were cheaper in a way that it might disappoint me. However, I was elated! Woohoo! Saving money while spending money...or something.

knick knack paddy whack.

I actually saw this on a fellow blogger's site (Bonjour Girl) and LOVED it.
The socks reminded me of it.


lady sélénite said...

Well, don't feel too bad, your shopping is awesome ! And I love the colored feathers !

Chase and Jessica said...

Ok, I can totally relate to this. I love a good deal, and I usually have a hard time passing it up! Chase calls it "saving your way into poverty" haha. I totally love your finds, and it makes me want to go shopping :)