October 20, 2010

Hair is the story...You will want to dye.

The hair debate. It will always be there. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.

Autumn always makes my inspiration soar, and I tend to take that out on my hair. Although, I tend to take a lot of things out of my hair. When I don't, it manifests itself in other ways. I recently chopped off my almost belly button length layered hair and traded it for an above the shoulder one length bob with one longer strand on the right in the front. Since I made a huge cut, part of me doesn't feel the strong need to disguise my natural dark blonde hair, but the other part of me wants to pour light blonde dye all over these locks. I've had every hair colour in the book. I can pull any of them off, but there are only two where I feel most myself and that is, blonde, and well, lighter blonde. This kind of makes me sound like a Dult, but blonde doesn't have to be associated with being an airhead, just like being brunette doesn't have to associate you with being mouse-y and boring (see, no one likes it.) The whole reason I resist pouring this bleach-y potion over my head is because I fear the colour that will creep from my roots in two months time. This is when you're faced with the ultimate decision; keep dying or dye back to natural. This is where the fun sometimes has to end. It's hard finding a great colour that works for you, but nature didn't put it in your gene's agenda.

Here are some of my past colours/styles (in order starting from my senior yr. in H.S.)

unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my latest cut :(

This came up at work when one of my co-workers was sporting super cool, but "in-the-process-of-going-back-to-natural" locks. While the hair may have looked jarring to some people, but I thought it looked righteous. I wish I would have snagged a picture of it. Unfortunately (she hated it and felt the need to wear a hat)/fortunately(it was awesome) for her, this is the process one needs to go through in order to acquire what nature gave them in the first place. I've had some unfortunate "in process" hair debacles that always seem like forever to get sorted out. This is the problem with straying from your natural shade. I feel like once you dye, you're kind of locked in for life (heh). I fear sporting 80 year old looking hair when I'm 42, but at times, the urge to modify remains too great.

Another desirable hair trait I long for is the straight across bangs. Something that I always think will be a great idea and then I cut them and add five pounds to my face and take on the looks of someone with 6 candles on the birthday cake. I say this, but I've never had hair like this before. It could look different and totally bad ass, but I'm not for looking years younger and not necessarily in a good way. My manager recently trimmed her bangs for the definitive straight across look and she now looks 60's hippie chic again. I love it when people find their look and it almost gives them that edge, or that character where you almost think it wouldn't work any other way. I told her to check out the Aquilano.Rimondi spring collection because the collection matches her hair and yes, that makes perfect sense. I work with people that have good heads of hair! Anywho, I think my long strand will have to do for now. These people can continue to rock the straight-away.

Who knows what will happen to these little hairs in the next few weeks. Looks like a hairy situation...


lady sélénite said...

Platinum blond is great !

Chase and Jessica said...

I hate that bangs have to be such a commitment. I keep cutting them because I am growing my hair out and feel like I have no style! Sometimes bangs can add style to a haircut that lacks some.

I love this post so much, I think hair is pretty much everything about a look.

Post a picture of your cut soon! It sounds amazing! :)

kelly said...

yeah! 60's hippie chick! vince thinks thats silly. totally love the pic of your short hair. u can pull off any look!