October 31, 2011

Being Maddow:

The Maddow Breakdown:

I think I decided I wanted to be Rachel Maddow sometime over the summer and it was pretty much decided.


I thought it would be hilarious to get a picture with the nun.
This woman actually gave me an awesome idea in what to do with my life.
I really hope the idea works out, it is truly right up my alley.
I went with my friend Brooke (another Maddow fan), who was Kesha-
 the counterpart to her boyfriend, Mustard.
This was another funny picture because I'd like to think that Kesha and Rachel Maddow would not pose together...but I could be wrong about that. 
She even gave me rabbit ears.
That is so Ke$ha, that bitch.

Of course, sporting Levi's with Doc Marten 1940's.

Blazer with light coloured shirt. I batted around the idea of a black shirt...
and doing the whole "I'm a guest" look.
I also contemplated going as her look from her commercials;

So I kind of did both.

Of course I had to sport my red watch!
(you can most likely see it in the video above)

What was under the wig:

Coiled up blonde hairs and one painful little scalp!
This did not take as long as anticipated.
I have extremely thick, medium length hair and it took me 20 minutes.

This the progression that took place. It was perfectly brush-able. Just huge.
Think Monica when they are in Barbados;

I am really glad I went to a Halloween party this year dressed up as someone awesome.
Normally I just come up with a costume idea, but don't have anywhere to exhibit it, so it never ends up happening. I got a lot of compliments and everyone was surprised that I didn't have short hair.
I had some really good conversations with people and ended up talking a lot of random smack about Republicans that was all in good fun.

OH. And this may or may not have happened;

I think the best part is when at the end, Sarah goes, "Someone get this girl a hot dog!"

. . .

Casual Friday Reports:

this is a close up:
skirt: H&M circa 2004? (I saw this glitter tulle tutu-thing and knew it had to be mine)
 tights & purple socks: Target, striped shirt: Forever 21 black tank top: acquired from mom

This was this past casual Friday. I pulled out the witch-y stops.
I was extremely disappointed to see that I was the only person to embrace the spirit!
This is one of my favourite days of the year.
I was so bummed to be at Target and discover they seemed to have packed up the Halloween stuff and have unveiled the Christmas overload.
I won't rock the look again today, but I will be in this kind of festive-look mode!

Tonight my counterpart and I will be headed around the South Side.
I'm taking the train in and am dying for some Argo Tea!!!
I have no idea what is in store, but I look forward to a good gin & tonic...
with four limes, and it's things like this that make me think I should dress as Maddow today.

My New Obsession:

Ceremonials comes out TOMORROW and I am debating about getting it on Vinyl...


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So much awesomeness! I fucking love you man.