October 26, 2011

The Boilerhouse: Katie Liddy

So last night at work we were listening to WONC, as always. If you're curious as to what WONC is, it's the local college radio station at North Central College, where they have a phenomenal broadcast program. It may also be the sound a duck makes if you step on his little foot, however, I cannot confirm the latter. I am a huge fan of the station and long to have my own show, but since I don't attend the college, that becomes a tad far-fetched. Anywho....

They feature a local artist on Tuesdays and have them play a few songs live in the studio before their show at The Boilerhouse on campus. Last night, they featured Katie Liddy. I thought that she had a nice voice and that she seemed really new to the whole game. Ingrid Michaelson would be the best way to describe the vibe.

That is the perfect time to see a musician, when the talent is still raw and not re-worked in any way. So it turned out that we had gotten out of work exceptionally early (7:10) and knew that even if I went, I would still be getting home earlier than anticipated. It started at 8, so I had some time to try to rack up a companion to check it out with me. So I tried to call up a few friends of mine, unfortunately, everyone had other plans going, so I just took the opportunity by myself. I knew that I would regret missing out on a free show and the chance to do something different.

She received this guitar from her Grandmother when she was 13.
The signatures represent the people who have played it. Very rad.

Here were the list of songs she played;
1) See Through (original)
2) Honeybee (Zee Avi)
3) Too Young (original)
4) Autumn Fallin'
5) I Wish You
6) Skinny Love (Bon Iver)
7) Cross My Mind (original)
8) Each Night Comin' (Iron & Wine)
9) Barfly (Ray Lamontagne)
10) Grey (original)
11) Reasons To Love You (Meiko)
12) Day To Dream (original)


Here are the original versions of the covers she played;

I am so glad that I ended up going. She put on a great little show, was very nice, and it was nice to interact while she played because she pretty much knew her crowd. It was super intimate and was nice to meet some of the DJs that I hear all the time. I just like that crowd of people in general. Of course there was plenty of free schwag to swipe. I scored two CD's, along with a licence plate holder, and a sticker! I felt like I was 5 again.

Misty Boyce: The Syndicate
Crime In Stereo: I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone

Hit up The Boilerhouse on campus Tuesday nights 7:30/8-9.

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