October 25, 2011

the tick that bit.

My cousin and I get together every so often and head off into the woods for a good hike.
He lives in an area of the burbs with some sick forest action and we always go off the beaten path. So yesterday we were doing all sorts of climbs, creek leaps, log crosses, and then we came across this sweet stone bride. I was like "Yeah, I'm going to need a picture on that bridge." It just looked too magical to pass up.

So if you want to be grossed out to the extreme, I can go ahead and lay this on you;
Yesterday I mentioned a little something to him about ticks as I discovered I was covered ass to ankles in those sticky bushes.
"I better not get any ticks out here"
. . .

So fabulously enough, I wake up this morning to an itch or some odd scab on my side.
Cue to me seeing something like;


I was bloody horrified and a little bummed out to see it wasn't a feather.
It was one of these jerks;

I pulled that sucker out, not sure if I got the whole thing.
I'm sort of freaking out if the head is still submerged in my skin even after trying to gently tweeze it out for what seems like forever.

::freaking out::

hopefully things like this don't start happening:


So that's my tick story.
I hope you didn't throw up on your hands.

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florence grace said...

cool blog! do you have a bloglovin' so I can follow you? :) xxx