October 4, 2011

Things I Carry

I've seen this done around the internet and have been wanting to do this for some time.
This song seemed appropriate for the purse journey.

This is the purse I carry and the things lovely possessions that are in it on the average day;

purse: thrifted; Goodwill $8 I absolutely LOVE IT!

Forever 21 front sales bin [pic includes: shopping lists, reciepts I can never throw away from stores in Japan, Comme des garcons perfume samples I got at the museum that make the air smell awesome each time I open my wallet, love notes from my counterpart, & wedding seating of a wedding we went to this summer] This wallet is oozing with memories. I have hotel room keys, business cards, & a couple of pictures. It's the good times wallet.

These are from Hugo's Frog Bar in Downtown Naperville I always go here with my mom for a quick lunch in the middle of a busy day. We both end up snagging a few of these matchbooks when we leave. They always help me in a jam.
Pepto: for obvious reasons!!! Notepad: (Target) to get out whatever is clawing at my brain mints/gum: obvious choices
Book: if room allows, I always have a book. I've been toting around The Picture of Dorian Gray for too long and it needs to get finished. B&N sells classics for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! pen assortment + sharpie: necessary bottled water: oh, absolutely.

Eye Patch:
My most recent & random addition. I'm so proud. I love telling people the real reason pirates wore patches. 
I found this in the bin of yarn at my parents house. What a gem!

Headphones: 2 pairs. Very important LipBalm: (Sephora, $7) Amazing! Flavour actually tastes good.

Deli #:
I decided to keep this one because the deli counter was hoppin' when I was there
& I had a valuable conversation with an older woman behind me.
Plus, B22? Like I'm throwing anything with 22 on it out.

Tea: chamomile, it isn't a bad thing to carry around. Especially because a cup of hot water is free at Starbucks.
Lighter & Cigs: bic-(PURPLE!) and Nat Sherman's. I love these because they are light & don't have additives.
[Fantasia's] are my favourite way to go, but those are more of a treat.
Lipbalms/Glosses: Yelpstick, I get this at the Yelp events that I go to. They are awesome. Revlon: [firecracker]
Sephora: lipstain. I regret not getting the hot pink. Maybelline: in some embarrassing shade.
hunting pocket knife thing: I love the idea of having this on me. always.

Abercrombie 8 perfume:
I HAD TO! An old employee of mine was a model for them & he got me a sweet discount. This scent reminds me of high school and I can't resist having it for a backup scent. I've had it for so long, but now it reminds me of so many things because of all the times I've used it.

I'd love to see spin off posts of this. It is SO neat to see what people tote around.

Unfortunately, I couldn't include my phone in this shot [because that it was I use for my camera!] and this purse doesn't feature my other favourite fun time purse item which is my tiny toy phantom hand that broke off some odd toy I had in my old bedroom. I pulled it out in any situation that required assistance and said "Need a hand???" while jabbing them with it. Ah, I shall bring the hand back.

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